How Websites Became An Integral Part Of Any Existing or Upcoming Business?

A lot of customers rely on search engines when it comes to making buying decisions. Around 88% of people research business or product before going to a store or buying online, as reported by the eCommerce Foundation. This change in customer behavior shows the importance of websites these days. 

To ensure the success of your business in today’s market, a professional website is a very important asset. It backs all your efforts in digital marketing and it is the soul of your business. Here, we will discuss how a website became important for your existing or upcoming business. 

93% of Decisions are made with Online Searches

In this day and age, you should know where your potential customers would go when they research suppliers and make a decision. Most people research the market through the internet. These days, search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google are the synonyms of the internet. More than 90% of searches are done through search engines. Google holds the biggest market share with up to 8 searches out of 10. Since search engines are the sources for 93% of business decisions, you are losing out over 93% of business if you don’t have a website design package

Your Website is the Symbol of Your Professionalism 

If you don’t have a website, you wouldn’t be noticed by a huge portion of the market. When your potential customers are looking for your products online, they will go to your competitors if you don’t have a website. If you don’t even have a website, their view of your business will be ruined. It gives the impression of the poor management of your company. Why would you buy a product from a business that has no market presence? Even though some people don’t have this opinion, that number is too low. 

Added Convenience to the Customers 

If you have a website, your potential and existing customers may easily find you, learn more about your company, explore who you are, and clarify all their doubts they have regarding your business. When people search for your company on Google, they can find your company. If your business is listed in an online directory, your business can appear in the search results when your customers search for your business. But you still need a website to influence their buying decisions. 

Ensures Best Returns 

It is another important reason you should have a website. Suppose the cost of your website maintenance for the first five years is around £5000. If you are engaged in a B2B market, you may need a few sales to get your investment back. But there are chances that you could attract more than a few customers over the next five years. Even though you are engaged in a B2C market, you can easily generate the same revenue from the website over the next 5 years. 

It gives the value that lasts 

Once you invest in your website, you can have it work for your business forever. On the other side, when you spend on newspaper ads, you can get benefits only until this ad shows up. You can relate the same to Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and LinkedIn ads. Even if you don’t get the returns in the first year, you don’t have to worry because you have it forever and you can get the return someday.

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