Best Practices for Zoom Video Calls and Online Meetings

Thanks to different video calling and online meeting apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Skype, social distancing and lockdown couldn’t affect office meetings. Face-to-face conversations are vital sometimes, no matter it happens from face to screen. 

With the digital era of online meetings, a new set of rules have come out to follow. Online conferences are the things we haven’t discussed before. But they are worth going so we can work from our homes. It is true that WFH is not so easy for all of us.  Here are some tips to help you stay as much connective and productive as possible and not embarrassed in this new era – 

Use video option 

Obviously, it seems obvious. But there are some super-sophisticated people who sound like nothing but AI voices. If you are hosting a meeting or you are a speaker, it is especially important. 

Dress well

If you are working from home, it is true that times are not going in your favor. You may definitely be wearing sweatpants every day. But it is always better to put on something formal, whether you are in a higher or lower position. 

Consider the background 

Your colleagues and superiors are seeing both your face and what’s behind you. So, set up your camera in a way that it is not pointed at anything behind you like a pile of junk or dirty laundry. 


You can dramatically improve the video quality if lights are in your favor. Since you’ve been through all the stress to wear clothes, you may definitely want your face to look clear enough. There is nothing wrong in keeping another lamp in front of your face.  

Face the camera 

If you have a group of several people to talk to and present yourself, face the camera to maintain eye contact with anyone seeing you. It is even better than staring at your own face. 

Don’t annoy them with background noise

Background noise is really irritating. So, if you are not talking to anyone for a while, push the mute button until you talk. You may not want them to listen to the dog barking or car alarm in your neighborhood. 

Don’t eat anything if you are on a meeting 

Isn’t it a gross listening to someone chewing or watching them eating sometimes? If you can, just hold off. If you do, you may turn off the audio and video. 

Let the host to leave first 

If someone is hosting a meeting, he or she might be your superior. They say big powers come with big responsibilities. So, there is nothing wrong if you show some respect to them. It is also important if you don’t want to miss any vital point at the last moment. Let others close the meeting. Until then, stick around. 

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